What is your store's Warranty and Return Policy?


All Munkyboards equipment has been thoroughly tested and found to be in proper operating condition upon shipment from the factory and is warranted to be free from any defect in workmanship and material that may develop within ninety(90) days from date of purchase. Any defect to be found after normal use within this period and support@munkyboards.com has been contacted. All replacement part(s) will be promptly shipped at the complete expense of Munkyboards.

What are Electric Skateboards?

The Skinny on Electric Skateboards

It’s a whole new world in skateboards out there, and the newest of the new are electrically powered. These boards are not the kind you grew up with—there is no “pumping” involved, yet you’ll get up hills as fast as you go down them. Lightweight, powerful, easy-to-carry, and with a range that lets you go just about anywhere, electric skateboards are the latest and greatest method of transportation—for work or for play.


Modern, highly-efficient motors are the heart of every electric skateboard. The newest models are small, compact, and very efficient. In fact, some are so small that they actually fit inside the hub of the wheel! These are direct-current, or DC, motors that have no brushes and rely on powerful magnetic fields to make them turn. In basic terms, the stronger the magnets, the more power you can get from a motor, and the mighty mite skateboard motors are some of the most powerful small-sized units in existence.

It’s All About the Batteries

Battery-powered boards have been around for years, but two things have changed to make them practical and small enough to be used effectively on a skateboard. The motors have become more efficient, thereby allowing smaller batteries to be used, and battery technology has advanced tremendously within the last decade. Of course, the standard lead-acid batteries are still found in skateboards, but they are heavy and can be difficult to fit in a finite space. The newest battery types are made out of Lithium, and these batteries can be shaped or molded to fit any application, which means even the limited area on a skateboard can be filled with battery power.


All electric motors have a limit on how fast they can spin. For example, if your electric motor is rated at 100 revolutions per minute, the size of the battery, the wattage, or the voltage won’t increase its capacity. However, a 1000-watt motor will allow the user to reach the maximum revolutions per minute faster than the owner of a skateboard with a 500-watt motor, and that is important when you add in factors like weight, friction, and hills. If you add gears and belt drive, you can make the wheels spin faster than the motor, and the more wattage there is, the easier the board can get up to speed. And always remember, the more ampere hour storage a battery has, the longer the range will be for any given motor.

Perfect Transportation

Using an electric skateboard allows you to get from here to there in style. Whether you’re cruising a college campus, riding down on the strip, or even beating crowded city streets, an electric skateboard offers more flexibility than a bike or a car, and you’ll never have to worry about traffic jams. When there is no room for any other form of transportation, there’s always room for an electric board. For the finest electric skateboards made, check out MunkyBoards. With these skateboards, you’ll find models ranging from entry level to expert, and everything in between.

What is Grip Tape?

Munkyboards Presents: Grip Tape Buyers Guide

Types: Jessup, Grizzly, and Mob

Grip tape is a layer of sandpaper like tape that is found on top of skateboards and longboards to provide improved grip and traction. Grip tape is an integral part to the construction of a complete skateboard and ensures that riders don’t slip off of their boards while riding. There is no overarching scale between brands to measure the quality of grip tape, as a result choice of grip tape is usually based on preference and the level of traction you are looking for while riding. Though applying grip tape yourself is fairly straight forward, it is one of the most important parts of getting your board ready to hit the streets.

Grip tape is also used to express your personality through the appearance of your board. While the vast majority of grip tape is colored jet black, it can also be clear or dye cut to show a company logo or design on a board deck. Applying grip tape is the final step before your board is ready to ride. Grip tape is one time use component, any time you get a new deck or if you feel your feet starting to slip while riding it may be time to replace it.

How is it sold?

Grip tape is commonly found in skateboard shops or can be purchased on the web through websites like Munkyboards.com. It comes in pre-cut dimensions to fit the general shape of skateboards and longboards. For shortboards and traditional skateboards grip tape sheets come in 9” X 33” sheets. For longboards grip tape can measure up to 12” X 48”. It is CRITICALLY important that you buy a sheet of grip tape long enough to cover your board ENTIRELY.

Why is choosing the right grip tape so important?

Looks: Skateboarders and Longboarders alike are most likely familiar with the traditional jet black grip tape on top of their boards. It is important that you make your board the way your most comfortable riding it, with that in mind we offer a variety of grip tape styles and designs.

Grip and Traction: Because there are so many options available, you should pick a grip tape with the grit level that gives the amount of grip and traction your looking. The needs of each individual rider may differ, and choice in grip tape is largely based on preference and style of boarding. If your grip tape is too sticky, you make find the bottom of your shoes wearing off; if your grip tape is not sticky enough, your feet could slip off of your board.

What type of grip tape is most recommended?

Though there is a wide price variation between different kinds of grip tape, the price of your grip tape should not exceed $20. Some of the top brands include:

MOB: designed for even the most intense trick skateboarding, MOB features an exclusive silicon-carbide grit binding for unmatched traction and grip… however with extended use you may find that the bottom of your shoes are showing signs of wear and tear. Mob grip tape features hundreds of barely visible perforations that allow air to escape for bubble free application. The super sticky adhesive they use wont peel due to prolonged exposure to heat or cold.

Grizzly: This type of grip tape provides improved traction, however doesn’t damage your shoes in the way other grip tapes might. Grizzly grip tape features hundreds of barely visible perforations that allow air to escape for bubble free application. The super sticky adhesive they use wont peel due to prolonged exposure to heat or cold. Grizzly is one of the highest rated grip tape brands available!

Jessup: If you’re looking to carve down city streets or bomb down hills, Jessup is designed to give you a stable platform for ultimate control. Laminated and solvent based pressure sensitive adhesive layers provide a seamless bond with your board deck and won’t tear like other grip tapes.